K-9 Kina returns courtesy Channel 5 news      

      In Arkansas, a Greenwood police K-9 named Kina has been found alive and well today, after two days gone, and two bullet wounds in her. She and her partner responded with other officers to a family disturbance, that turned quickly into a shoot out.

      The K-9 unit she and her partner were in a car receiving extreme amounts of gunfire, piercing nearly every side of the vehicle. It was so fierce that her partner Dennis Wiser let her go out the back door of the vehicle, so she could get out of the heavy gunfire. Kina bolted out the back door and ran into a heavily wooded area. After the scene was over with, she could not be found.

       There was blood in the back of the cruiser, where K-9 Kina had been during the gun battle. It was suspected that she had been hit. Unfortunately, she was shot twice. Over the next few days many officers were dispatched to look for her, a plane flew over the area they suspected she could be at.K-9 Kina being examined at the veterinary hospital courtesy channel 5 news

      During the shoot out Deputy Cooper was shot and murdered, Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells was also shot, he received a minor head wound.

      A local homeowner noted Kina wandering near the tree line of his back yard and called the police, who waited till her partner Dennis Wiser got there. He got down on his knees and called once to her. Kina ran as fast as she could and cuddled into Officer Dennis Wiser’s arms. He had brought her red “Kong” toy with him and she fetched it once as they walked back to where the rest of the officers were gathered. There were hugs all around, and a feeling of relief and closure to the terrible incident that claimed another human officer’s life. As Kina was examined, they discovered then that she had indeed been shot in the neck and her legs. She was taken to the veterinary hospital immediately.

      It appears that both shots entered and exited her body. One is in the neck, the other her legs. There are some retained bullet fragments. She is dehydrated as well. If one shot had been just two inches lower, she wouldn’t be here. If she doesn’t develop an infection, or the loss of blood doesn’t create complications, it looks like she might be OK. She was able to walk with her partner under her own power at the veterinarians, and is now recuperating at home with her partner, Dennis Wiser.

      During the two days that she had been missing, a flood of well-wishers had brought dog toys and treats for Kina. They are full to overflowing the dining-room table! Woof!  Kina’s favorite gift seems to be the extra-big, extra-soft red doggie bed she received. She is recovering very nicely on it.K-9 Kina at home resting on her brand-new doggie bed and in front of mtn of goodies on diningroom table! courtesy  Greenwood police department - Copy

      You can follow her progress on the Greenwood Police site on Facebook. The department is gratified by all the support for all the officers involved, including Kina.

God Bless Our Service Dogs!

     A Go Fund Me site has been started for Kina, to pay for her vet bills, a GPS unit so she can be tracked, and money to fix and upgrade her K-9 unit car, that was badly damaged. The Greenwood police department is so grateful for the outpouring of support and compassion not only for Kina, but for the officer that was lost in the gun battle.


K-9 Kina and her partner Dennis Wiser reunited courtesy channel 5 news*pictures courtesy Channel 5 TV news KXNW


      I just wanted to add a note here. The unique and strong bond between this officer and his K-9 partner is not unusual, it is the norm. Lately, in the news there has been a large number of K-9 officers that have died in the line of duty not by being shot or stabbed, or even a contract put out on them by drug lords, but negligence by a few officers that have left their partner in the back of a police car to overheat, and a lack of education of heat stroke with others who overworked the K-9 to the point of prostration.

     But those incidents are not the norm. By publishing them, we hope to draw attention to those unnecessary deaths, till every K-9 officer receives the love and devotion Kina lives with, along with her other K-9 officers throughout the nation that help keep us safe.








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