*Featured Post: ‘Cowboy’ a FEMA Search And Rescue Dog Courtesy AP




Never forget their courage, perseverance, undying unconditional love that drove them on at first to find the last few survivors, then the daunting task of finding loved ones, giving some closure to shattered families.

Over three hundred dogs searched. The dogs that were primarily ‘live’ search dogs became despondent when they eventually felt, then smelled death all around them in the hell-hole called ‘the pit’.

They did more than search. They gave comfort to the first responders when human comfort wasn’t enough, and canine comfort and understanding could break through. Perhaps that was their greatest victory in that most horrifying of times. Comfort. Peace. The tranquility that washes over a stressed human when he lets the healing energy of a trained service dog tickle through their fingertips that softly brush the fur on the dog…and the positive energy that courses from one entity in the world that truly understands at that moment in time what a hurting soul is feeling.

Our last surviving dog from that day just passed away earlier this year. These heroes all are at eternal rest now, a well-deserved one. No broken buildings, smoke or human depravity there…just peace.


siriusIn memory of K-9 Sirius, the only K-9 to be lost in the disaster. His partner made it out alive.





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