It’s Amazing! Wix Knows How To Run Off It’s Best Clients!

Once again Wix shoots itself in the foot. It pops up an ad in the middle of your screen, then refuses to undo it. I think Wix is a big bully. Whomever is doing their advertising is a dork. My site reaches over a quarter million viewers, yet I haven’t been able to adequately acess it to write my blog in weeks, which has made it inevitable that I’ve had to rely on other websites to carry my messages.

Stupid way to do business. If I thought I might be upgrading my free site soon, I won’t till this is fixed. It’s rude to act like that to your best websites. I sent them a letter, letting them know that I wrote this and why. Because you see…these people were looking for it. Stupid.

Nothing makes me more mad than stupidity. Which is not thinking about the consequences of their actions. There’s enough competition that blocking one’s acess to their site is stupidity. Now all the other sites will get articles days and weeks later than they expected. All because someone in your advert department had a very bad idea.